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  • [19/Jan/2012]
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Product Name:AireForce
Product Code:Network Bandwidth Expander
Product description:

The AireForce™ Wireless Bandwidth Expander (WBX) is an Intelligent inDoor Unit (IDU) designed specifically to boost the existing bandwidth of FSO system to multi Gbps bandwidth levels via a real-time hardware based data compression platform.
Your existing Gigabit speed could be expanded to 4 GBps from existing 1 GBps and 100MBps system could be expanded to operate at Gigabit speed.
The AireForce WBX provides a convenient and scalable speed upgrade path for eixsting FSO users as their demand for bandwidth increase with passing time. Using the existing and proven FSO link, the speed upgrade can be done in a matter of hours by incorporating the IDU at both ends of the links. Such arrangements are ideal as they would caused minimal link downtime and the whole exercise could be executed after office hours and link would be upgraded and running as per normal the next day. 

Feature Highlights:

  1. Ultra Low Latency (at wire-speed)
  2. Ultra High Capacity Connection (up to 12 GB)
  3. Deployment Flexibility (using existing links)
  4. Forward Error Corrections (Advanced algorithm)
  5. Network Security (data can be encrypted prior to transmission)
  6. License-free worldwide


Network Bandwidth Expander -AireForce