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Product Name:FlightLite 100 Extended
Product Code:FL100E
Product description:

We've expanded your Optical Wireless choices with the FlightLite 100E and its extended recommended operational range of 1,000 meters. Operation range aside, the product is identical in every way to the popular FlightLite 100, with full-duplex Fast Ethernet throughput in a single-beam mid-level Enterprise solution.

We've expanded the FlightLite series with the FlightLite 100E as a result of wide industrial acceptance of FL-100 series performance. Its recommended operational range is extended up to 1,000 m from 600m for FL-100. Operation range aside, this product is identical in every way to the FlightLite 100. It is ideal as medium operating range enterprise network connectivity solution
Today, FL-100E has overtaken FL-100 in terms of units sold worldwide as it offers higher flexibility in re-deployment, longer operational distance superiority and high relaibility in signal integrity and consistencies
Feature Highlights:-
  1. Fast Ethernet throughput (100MBps)
  2. Single beam system (1x1) Transceiver
  3.  Longer-range Enterprise LAN connectivity (up to 1,000m)
  4. Power over Ethernet (PoE), no need for external power cabling
  5. Immune to spectrum issues, secured transmission
  6. Certified Class 1M Eye Safe Optical Equipment
  7. License-free worldwide


FL100E -FlightLite 100 Extended