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Product Name:FlightLite 100
Product Code:FL100
Product description:

The FlightLite 100 (FL-100) used to be the best-selling FSO Optical Wireless product for 100 Mbps of Enterprise connectivity for recommended distances up to 600 meters.

The FlightLite 100 is the perfect alternative to T1/E1 leased lines or 802.11 outdoor LAN solutions in terms of unit cost/bit transmitted.
A lot of customers who use leased line previously (from local ISP) for their nearby office network connectivity have switched to using FL-100 as their preferred network link as it has been proven to be much more cost effective, more reliable and more flexible in terms of overall cost of ownership and maintenance for their network connectivity.  

Feature Highlights:
  1. Full-duplex Fast Ethernet throughput (100MBps)
  2. Single beam system (1 x 1) Transceiver
  3. Shorter-range Enterprise LAN connectivity (600m)
  4. Power over Ethernet (PoE), No external electrical power source required
  5. Immune to spectrum issues, secured transmission
  6. Certified Class 1M Eye Safe Equipment
  7. License-free worldwide

FL100 -FlightLite 100