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  • [19/Jan/2012]
    LightPointe New Product
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Product Name:AireLite 100
Product Code:AL-100
Product description:

The AireLite 100 is the newest Optical Wireless product from Lightpointe, offering 100 Mbps of Enterprise connectivity for recommended distances up to 650 meters and including the new AireManager platform with both web-based and SNMP management capabilities.
The AireLite system incorporates the intuitive and humanized software called AireManager. This interface enables users to remotely monitor the link connectivity and performance at ALL times either through internet or from the comfort of their desk in the office. User can save the trouble of having to climb to the place of installation for the link head just to look at the status indicator for the link head.
This feature was not available previously for entry-level system but has been incorporated into the new system as a result of feedback and demands made by users.
Feature Highlights:
  1. Full-duplex Fast Ethernet throughput (100 MBps)
  2. Single beam transceiver system
  3. Web-based and SNMP management
  4. Shorter-range Enterprise LAN connectivity (up to 650m)
  5. Power over Ethernet (PoE)
  6. Immune to spectrum issues, secured transmission
  7. Certified Class 1M Eye Safe Optical Equipment
  8. License FREE worldwide


AL-100 -AireLite 100