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  • [19/Jan/2012]
    LightPointe New Product
    LightPointe Introduces NEW Carrier-Grade Gigabit Capacity Backhaul System .. more
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Product Name:FlightStrata Gigabit
Product Code:FSA-G
Product description:

The FlightStrata G was built upon the success of the FlightStrata series system but capable of delivering FULL line speed of 1.25 GBps or GbE(Gigabit Ethernet)for the most demanding and data-intensive enterprise networks.

The FlightStrata incorporates FOUR (4) transmission beams and FOUR (4) receivers, plus built-in lens movement matrix auto-tracking. These unique design combination delivers improved performance, stability and consistent signal available for ultra high speed data networks requirements.

Features Highlights:
  1. Full Duplex at Gigabit speed (1.25GBps)
  2. Multi beam, multi receiver design
  3. Operate within 3/4 of km distance (750m)
  4. Built-in Auto Tracking
  5. Secured Transmission, No interference
  6. Certified Class 1M optical equipment
  7. License Free Worldwide

FSA-G -FlightStrata Gigabit