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Product Name:FlightStrata 155E
Product Code:FSA-155E
Product description:

The FlightStrata 155E (FSA-155E) transformed legacy FSO single beam technology and leapfrog Optical Wireless product to the next level, offering not only improved performance in terms of stability but also capable of delivering connectivity throughput at much longer distances.

The FlightStrata series incorporates various innovative and industry-first designs. They include:-

- Multiple Beams for Transceivers - FOUR (4 x 4) transmission beams and high sensitivity receivers

- ABS (Auto Beam Shaping) lens design

- Intelligent Auto-tracking mechanism for building swaying compensations.

The combination of these unique and field proven features delivers marked improved performance in terms of overall system stability and system deliverance capabilities compared to any other known brand of FSO products available in the market.

ALL these unique and patented designs are the results of constant and direct customer feedback/input based on actual users experiences.

Features Highlights:

  1. Full duplex Fast Ethernet and at-wire speed (upto 155 MBps)
  2. Multi beam, multi receivers design
  3. Longer range, performance system
  4. Built-in Auto Tracking
  5. Certified Class 1 M Eye Safe Optical Equipment
  6. License Free worldwide
  7. Immune to inteference, secured transmission

FSA-155E -FlightStrata 155E