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  • [19/Jan/2012]
    LightPointe New Product
    LightPointe Introduces NEW Carrier-Grade Gigabit Capacity Backhaul System .. more
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 The WireLESS Fiber

Free Space Optics (FSO) is truly a revolutionary technology. Instead of transmitting signals through glass (as in the case of fiber), it uses Free Space (Atmosphere) as the medium. It behaves like a fiber but has ALL the flexibility of any Wireless deployment. On top of that, the deployment takes only days to complete instead of months to commission   more

 Free Of Licensing

There is no bandwidth spectrum to worry about when you choose FSO and no recurring annual fee to pay! You pay for what you wanted and you pay only ONCE  more

 FSO Signal Tunneling

FSO light beams travel in very focus and narrow beam path. Its light beams cannot be deflected, intercepted or manipulated‚Ķ.. It is more secured that sending it by yourself there  more

 Plug and Play

There is no need for you to shutdown or temporary suspend the normal operation of your existing systems. This invisible link can be introduced or taken out from your real time operation without any disruptions   more

 Stable and Predictable

FSO does NOT generate any interference to others and DO NOT get influenced by others!It is immune towards EMI and signal are transmitted with the highest level of integrity and accuracy   more