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  • [19/Jan/2012]
    LightPointe New Product
    LightPointe Introduces NEW Carrier-Grade Gigabit Capacity Backhaul System .. more
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FSO Product Portfolio


Network Bandwidth Expander-AireForce

The AireForce™ Wireless Bandwidth Expander is an intelligent indoor unit (IDU) designed specifically to boost the bandwidth of FSO outdoor wireless system installations to multi Gbps bandwidth levels via a real-time hardware based compression platform. ...  more
FL-G-FlightLite Gigabit

The FlightLite G provides ultra-high outdoor wireless throughput of Gigabit Ethernet (1.25 Gbps) for the most data-intensive Enterprise connectivity needs.

The FlightLite-G is the entry-level, single beam GigE solution.
...  more
FL100E-FlightLite 100 Extended

We've expanded our Optical Wireless choices with the FlightLite 100E and its extended recommended operational range of 1,000 meters. Operation range aside, the product is identical in every way to the popular FlightLite 100, with full-duplex Fast Ethernet throughput in a single-beam medium distance Enterprise network solution. ...  more
FL100-FlightLite 100

The FlightLite 100 used to be the best-selling FSO Optical Wireless product for 100 Mbps of Enterprise connectivity for recommended distances up to 600 meters.

The FlightLite 100 is perhaps the PERFECT alternative to T1/E1 leased lines or 802.11 outdoor LAN solutions.
...  more
AL-100E-AireLite 100 Extended

We've expanded the AireLite series with the AireLite 100E with its extended recommended operational range of 1,050 meters. Operation range aside, the product is identical in every way to the AireLite 100, including the new AireManager platform with both web-based and SNMP management capabilities....  more
AL-100-AireLite 100

The AireLite 100 is the newest single transceiver Optical Wireless product. It offers uncompromised 100Mbps of Fast Ethernet connectivity for recommended distances up to 650 meters. It incorporates the NEW AireManager software engine (with both web-based and SNMP management) for remote monitoring and connectivity performance tracking at the comfort of your office environment.
...  more
FSA-G-FlightStrata Gigabit

The FlightStrata G was built upon the success of the FlightStrata series system but capable of delivering FULL line speed of 1.25 GBps or GbE(Gigabit Ethernet)for the most demanding and data-intensive enterprise networks. ...  more
FSA-155E-FlightStrata 155E

The FlightStrata 155E system capitalized on the strengths of FSO multi-beam technology to advance Optical Wireless product to the next level, offering marked improvements in terms of system performance, signal fidelity and reliability. It is capable of delivering unmatched connectivity throughput (at FastE) at a much longer distances (up to 2 km for challenging tropical environment) ...  more
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