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Corporate Profile

Knowledge, Technical Innovation and Teamwork are at the core of who we are. more.
For more than 5 years, we have focused on leveraging these resources to deliver solutions that improve customer business revenue, profit, performance and ROI.
Today, our real-time, intelligent monitoring solutions – SenseTrack enable customers to translate acquired real-time data into useful information. Then, these data will be further transform from information into useful knowledge for improved decision making - anytime, anywhere. By harnessing the strength of FSO connectivity technology and real-time monitoring database, we are exploiting the power of information technology in a way that offers enormous opportunities for customers to enhance their efficiency and productivity while staying on top of their issues. This is a quantum leap from providing traditional 'up-to-date' information to delivering 'up-to-circumstances' knowledge that meets the changing needs of our Less

Our more.
FSO Technologies was founded in 2004 by a group of local entrepreneurs that were passionate and fascinated with new and emerging technologies. With such passion at heart, FSO Technologies embarked to tap into the business potential of Information Communication Technology (ICT) Less

Our Competitive more.
Our key business focus is in satisfying the ever-increasing demands for high speed, high bandwidth yet reliable connectivity. We provide customer with the flexibility to adapt quickly according to network connectivity demands, changes and “time-to-make-available” business decisions. With our innovative solutions we are able to help customers to stay connected all the time
In fact, we have created milestones where others only dare to dream. Our proven track records includes customers that ranges from MNC, government agencies, corporate sector and education institutions have enable us to provide total solutions for organizations of all sizes.
Today, with continuous developments and improvements, we are also extending similar commitments and expertise into the arena of remote sensing and intelligent monitoring that are crucial to ascertain the continuous operations at critical facilities.
Our SenseTrack solutions are designed to protect your infrastructure from unpredictable catastrophe and ensure business continuity on mission-critical equipments. Our solutions have become the solution of choice for network and system administrators, because it empowers them to multitask and eliminate the need to be present within the facility for tedious and time-consuming monitoring and verifications all the Less

Guiding Principles

Our values, conduct and behavior
Making the most of our unique assets, FSO Technologies is committed to providing products/services that enhance and optimize our customers' performance. more.

Three (3) well-established company Values that focus on people, technology and profit underpins our work.
•Our People thrive on the challenge to excel in any environment and their dedication to safety and customer service is our greatest strength.
•Our commitment to Technology and quality is the basis for our competitive advantage.
•Our determination to produce superior Profits is the cornerstone for our future independence of action and growth.
Our commitment to customers:-
FSO Technologies is committed to Excellence in everything we seek to do. We aim to do business in a consistent and transparent way with all our clients and do not hold equity stakes in our customers' assets. Customers place a great deal of trust in us, particularly when it comes to handling sensitive and confidential information. Our reputation for Integrity and Fair Dealing is vitally important in winning and retaining this trust.
FSO Technologies strives to maintain the TRUST and confidence of our customers and shareholders, as well as all others affected by our operations. When we are clearly seen to behave in an ETHICAL manner we enhance our reputation for integrity, which in turn helps us attract and retain both customers and Less

Community Outreach

As a science and technology based company, we've adopted Education as a key theme of our community outreach, which is composed of several initiatives:

1.FSO Excellence in Educational Development (FEED) Program,
2.FSO Entrepreneur Foundation,
3.Local Initiatives undertaken by our employees on their own more.
1. Passion for LEARNING
FEED program is an extended education program focused on providing undergraduates with an opportunity to “pre-experience” actual working environment: To learn and adapt through industrial training/internship for a period of at least 3 months or more. FEED program endeavor to empower undergraduates, educators and industrialists through a common platform to share their passion for learning especially for undergraduates who would like to venture into new and emerging technologies like FSO and SenseTrack.
The FEED’s program’s unique approach, learning-while-doing (LWD) methodology draws on the technology and science expertise of our employees to engage undergraduates in ALL aspects of business essentials like presentation, workplace ethics, business processes, operations workflow and solutions conceptualization in order to equip and gear them towards greater self confidence and deliveries before they enter the actual job market.

2. Foundation for SUCCESS
A second set of outreach programs is enabled through the FSO Entrepreneur Foundation, a purposed-driven entity that provides micro start-up funding, consultation and opportunities to zealous and adventurous interns who have proven to be serious and conscientious in their undertakings during internship period. These interns who has the passion and drives to take up new business venture/opportunity would be assisted through venture-capitalist partnerships arrangements with FSO Technologies
3. CATALYZING local initiative Our employees often initiate local projects themselves. Financial support is given to employees who have relevant technical skills to contribute through short-term volunteering assignments. Strong sense of involvement and ownership responsibilities with the FSO community is critical to the success of any local Less

Our Brand

To our valued customers, FSO Technologies is the leading network connectivity and solutions provider, trusted to deliver better results in any location to help customers improve their business performance.
Like our reputation, our brand is synonymous with innovation and technology, relevant knowledge, service quality, local presence and shareholder confidence.
Our brand is born from our commitment to excellence and our promise to deliver the best possible performance—anytime, anywhere. Every communication we create, which has the FSO identity on it, reinforces this message.

Our Aspirations

At FSO Technologies, we blend the best of technology, products and know-how available today in providing the necessary network infrastructure and provide preemptive information on potential detrimental operating conditions that could threaten the integrity of a company's data center and IT assets.
It is our aspiration to become a company that creates excitements among people.

Our core businesses are:
1.Solutions for Free Space Optical (FSO) technology
2.Environmental Monitoring & Control System (EMCS)