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Kolor Color (Taiwan)

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The Challenge:

Provide the speedy and efficient transfer of high-bandwidth files, such as color proofs, scanned images and other materials necessary to run an efficient publishing business. Kolor Color Printing Group—through its companies or subsidiaries, Kolor Color Printing Co., Ltd, Rainbow Art & Image Co., Ltd, Tai Hsing Printing & Bookbinding Co., Ltd and Lan Cheng Bookbinding Co., Ltd—strives to deliver one-stop seamless print management solutions to publishing companies in Taiwan. Kolor Color Printing is the main provider in the print management solution business for the reputable publishing house, PC Home Group, which publishes more than 40 magazines with an annual subscription of more than 30 million, and books with annual sales exceeding 10 million copies. Kolor Color Printing leases office space near PC Home Publication but had to rely on couriers and messengers to transfer files between the two facilities.

LightPointe Solution:

Kolor Color Printing selected LightPointe's optical wireless solution after a thorough evaluation of wireless communication options. The company installed a LightPointe optical wireless system that links Kolor Color Printing to PC Home Group through line-of-sight from the rooftops of both buildings. With the LightPointe optical wireless solution, Kolor Color Printing is now equipped to transfer high-bandwidth files quickly, easily and securing through the air, at a significant savings of costs and time. The switch to a LightPointe optical wireless solution also gives Kolor Color Printing a value-add to the business relationship in the highly competitive business of publishing.

Sound Byte:

"LightPointe's optical wireless equipment has helped Kolor Color Printing to improve cycle time and turnaround time, enabling us to deliver a reliable and consistent product and service quality for our partner. In so doing, we are continually able to attract and retain customers with demanding quality standards."
— Raymond Chiang, Pre-press Vice Manager, Kolor Color Printing Co., Ltd