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Internet Thailand (Thailand)

The Challenge:

Service Provider Internet Thailand was looking for a way to provide fast Internet connections in Thailand, where consumers -- not unlike those in many other parts of the world - are frustrated by slow dial-up modem connections that cannot provide the necessary bandwidth to leverage the power of optical networks.

LightPointe Solution:

LightPointe's FlightSpectrum™ 155/2000 and FlightSpectrum 155/4000 equipment, in combination with fiber-optic cable and Internet Thailand's MetroLAN service provide companies in Bangkok's business areas with a 100-megabit-per-second (Mbps) network infrastructure. By linking buildings in the Sathorn, Silom, Petchburi area with a high-speed 100 Mbps infrastructure, Internet Thailand provides building tenants with a 10 Mbps dedicated broadband Internet access service.

With Internet Thailand's MetroLAN, companies benefit from high-speed broadband Internet access at a lower cost and minimal set-up time. A user needs only a CPE to connect to the existing LAN with Internet Thailand's high-speed broadband infrastructure. The company's broadband infrastructure directly connects to Internet Thailand's Internet backbone, providing a maximum transmission rate that is 100 times faster when compared to 64- to 128-Kbps links.

A leader in free-space optics (FSO) technology, LightPointe's optical wireless products are now at work in more than 60 countries, in 2,000-plus installations.

Sound Byte:

"LightPointe's optical wireless equipment has performed perfectly for Internet Thailand's MetroLAN service, delivering a flexible alternative to fiber-optic cable that is the ultimate price-per-bit solution. The optical wireless approach reduces capital risk and provides a faster return on investment. Unlike fiber-optic cable, which is typically buried underground for networks, optical wireless equipment can be re-deployed in a day, should customers re-locate."
— Danai Milindavanij, General Manager IT Business Group, Teo Hong Silom Col, Ltd., LightPointe distributor