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China Unicom (China)

The Challenge:

China Unicom, among the largest service providers in China, needed to provide 8x E1 interfaces for one of its customers. To accomplish this, China Unicom's field engineers and network planners had to connect from a mobile telephone station (BTS) to the building of the customer premise site, Petroleum Plaza. The line-of-sight distance between the BTS and Petroleum Plaza is more than 2 kilometers. China Unicom had a few choices. It could wait several months to serve the customer with fiber-optic cable, which would require trenching and obtaining rights-of-way. The service provider could also try radio frequency (RF) microwave solutions, which, while effective for lower bandwidth applications, could not provide the price-per-bit value and optical performance sought by China Unicom and the end customer. The third choice was a new type of fiber-optic cable but one very much re-defined: free-space optics (FSO) technology that uses light pulses to send and receive information through the air.

LightPointe Solution:

China Unicom decided on a combination of a LightPointe FlightSpectrum™ 155/4000 system and SDH devices to provide 8x E1, up to 63x E1, for its customer in only two days. This allowed China Unicom to deliver immediate optical bandwidth with an economic model that rewards the service provider with a payback period of only three months.

A leader in free-space optics (FSO) technology, LightPointe's optical wireless products are now at work in more than 60 countries, in 2,000-plus installations.

Sound Bite:

"LightPointe systems are designed to withstand a variety of weather conditions, providing the necessary performance demanded by major service providers such as China Unicom. Despite being swamped with difficult and stormy weather - including typhoons, steady rainfall and mist in the several months since the installation, the LightPointe optical wireless system has performed well and provided connectivity for the customer. LightPointe is a very attractive and less expensive way to deploy optical bandwidth than alternatives such as fiber-optic cable and RF."

— Davis Chow, FSO Project Manager for Century Man Communications Equipment Co., Ltd., LightPointe Distributor in China