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UTeM (Durian Tunggal, Melaka)

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Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka (UTeM) was established on December 1, 2000. UTeM is a public university (IPTA). UTeM is a pioneer in the use of the "practice and application oriented" teaching and learning method for technical education in Malaysia. UTeM has Six faculties namely electrical engineering, electronic and computer engineering, mechanical engineering, manufacturing engineering, information and communication technology and Technology Management and Technopreneurship faculty. The university offers academic programs at diploma, bachelor, masters and PhD levels. The aims to produce professionals who are not only highly qualified and technically competent but are also highly skillful and efficient. UTeM currently have close to 7,000 students studying in the campus at Durian Tunggal in Melaka.

The Challenge:

  • When the university's Computer Centre (Pusat Komputer) needed to bridge two buildings for a LAN, it seemed easy enough — with less than 2 km separating these buildings, making a wireless option seems to be the most appealing solution.
  • The Pusat Komputer deployed WiFi, also known as 802.11b, but the system could only deliver a mere 6 Mbps of throughput and was not sufficient for the needs of the university as the population of the university grows.
  • To provide a reliable, disturbance-free and affordable optical wireless connection at 100 MBps Fast Ethernet LAN connectivity for their newly lease building at CREATIVE Cubic Electronics centre to their existing mechanical school building where their Mechanical Labs are located.
  • Need to come up with a high-speed connectivity solution that would not be affected by storms, heavy rain, haze and other extreme weather conditions over an operating distance of about 1.25 km meters in the shortest possible deployment time.

The Solution:

  • FSO Technologies & Solutions Sdn Bhd, a solution provider for FSO technology for Malaysian market and a preferred LightPointe Flight Partner, took up the challenge.
  • FSO Technologies installed the field proven LightPointe Extended range optical wireless system, FL100E system on the rooftop at CREATIVE Cubic Electronics premises and the under the roof at mechanical school building at KUTKM temporary campus site.
  • The link was up and running by the afternoon on the installation day and KUTKM could begin to run a series of verification testing on data and video the following day.
  • Over the next three-weeks period, the FlightLite 100E was subjected to vigorous test runs as KUTKM began transferring massive data and video between the these buildings. This bridge, which have been in place for almost 1 year, is running flawlessly and have live up to its claims of being the most reliable systems with flying colours.
  • Allows very high quality of data, video and IP based data transmission between buildings.
  • Optical wireless delivers the lowest bandwidth/per bit price ratio as compared to WiFi bridges.
  • Minimal maintenance with no signal interference to appliances or existing switches configuration.




  • Achieve a consistent and reliable 100Mbps full duplex throughput. Provides more than 15 times the bandwidth compared to the existing WiFi connectivity option.
  • FSO technology provides OSI Layer 1 solution avoiding all the problems and limitations associated with any WiFi bridges.
The FL100E offer an affordable way to bridge LANs easily, allowing the university's network ample room for current applications and capacity to grow in the future.