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Johor Corporation (Johor Bahru, Johor)

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Johor Corporation (formerly known as Johor State Economic Development Corporation) is a public enterprise entity, was established in 1968 and commenced its operations in August 1970. Johor Corporation has been responsible for the creation of Johor's most well planned and fast growing industrial townships like Pasir Gudang. Under Johor Corporation Group of Companies, it has 188 operating companies employing more than 26,000 employees group wide. The principal activities of the group consist mainly of palm oil business, healthcare services, property development and management, Intrapreneur ventures and investments. Johor Corporation controlled 5 Public Listed Companies (PLC) like Kulim (M) Berhad, KPJ HealthCare Berhad, Sindora Berhad, Damansara Realty Berhad and JohorLand Berhad, the combined group revenue in 2004 was RM 2.5 Billion.

The Challenge:
  • The immediate need to have a high speed dedicated link for download and upload of engineering drawings, CAD/CAM applications, and email delivery systems for on-going construction of Johor Corporation Premier Convention Centre (Persada) at the heart of Johor Bahru’s City Centre.
  • The challenge for super fast deployment: To link-up the server room at KotaRaya building to Menara Ansar building where the current project on Persada Convention Centre is on-going with a Fast Ethernet backbone (100 Mbps).
  • The backbone link-up was up and running almost immediately, transparently transferring data across these 2 buildings before 8pm that night. The entire installation took less than three hours, with the team easily achieving connectivity through double-glass windows.
  • By the next morning, Lightpointe’s optical wireless solution was transferring data across the busy business district without signal interference or disturbance giving Johor Corporation, the much-needed bandwidth (100 MBps) and an immediate network connectivity in record time.

The Solution:

  • FSO Technologies & Solutions Sdn Bhd, a solution provider for FSO technology for Malaysian market and a preferred LightPointe Flight Partner, took up the challenge.
  • FSO Technologies installed a LightPointe FL100 system using a window-to-window installation, whereby all equipment is enclosed inside the two buildings using window-mount devices. Cabling work was carried out in the afternoon prior to the actual installation of LinkHead to hasten the entire installation process


  • Achieve a FULL and TRUE to promise 100Mbps full duplex throughput
  • Highly secured, interference-free network connectivity
  • The super Fast deployment give customer instantaneous connectivity that no other solution could provide
  • Enable bandwidth hungry applications (CAD/CAM) to be run without glitches with excellent email delivery systems
  • Zero physical maintenance with “plug and play” feature of the link removes the need for any switch re-configuration