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Shimano Components (Pekan Nenas, Johor)

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Shimano Components (M) Sdn Bhd is one of the biggest manufacturing facilities for Shimano Corporation in South East Asia. Shimano Inc is a producer of quality bicycle components and sport fishing equipment, recreational tools that help people to enjoy outdoor sports and interact with nature through healthy, non-polluting activities.

The Challenge:

  • To have a Fast Ethernet LAN connectivity (100MBps) for their new logistic centre to their existing main building where all their servers are located without having to reconfigure their existing switches setup.
  • The use of RF microwave technology is by default prohibited and might not be approved as it could pose some negative health repercussion to the surrounding local residences.
  • They could also lay a new fiber-optic cable, which would require trenching, obtaining rights-of-way and approval from relevant authorities, which is both times consuming (taking months to do that alone) and troublesome to carry out.
  • To come up with a high-speed connectivity solution that would not be affected by thunderstorms, heavy rain, fog, haze and other extreme weather conditions over an operating distance of about 750 meters in the shortest possible deployment time.

The Solution:

  • FSO Technologies installed a LightPointe optical wireless system, FL100 system on rooftops at Shimano main building and the new logistic centre.
  • The company received immediate network connectivity the day the installation took place.
  • The link has not been affected by rain, storm, haze or other adverse weather conditions.
  • LightPointe's optical wireless solutions give Shimano Components, the needed bandwidth (100 MBps) with no issues on signal interference or disturbance.


1.   Achieve a consistent and reliable 100Mbps full duplex throughput.

2.     FSO technology provides OSI Layer 1 solution avoiding all the problems and 
       limitations associated with any WiFi bridges

3.     Highly secured, interference-free network connectivity

4.    The super Fast deployment give customer instantaneous connectivity that no other solution could provide.
Zero physical maintenance with “plug and play” feature of the link removes the need for any switch re-configuration