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Plug and Play

Since FSO signal transmission is protocal-free, you need not worry about what type or format of data streams that you are dealing with. What you input into one end will come out exactly the same on the other end.
FSO transmission WILL NOT introduce, manipulate or add any factor correction algorithm to ensure efficient signal transmission. This means that FSO signal transmission will have very low latency and delays experienced by any normal or legacy transmission methodology.
As there is NO need for any re-configuration of switch routing using FSO "invisible" fiber link,  FSO link can be introduced or pull-out to/from existing network links without incurring any downtime penalties. This would translate into ZERO downtime and NO disruption to your normal network operations.
This very unique feature enable system administrator's the TOTAL flexibility of engaging/dislodge the active FSO links at his/her decretion.
It also helps to reduce the TOTAL running cost of network operations for any IT environment as there is practically ZERO overhead cost (no downtime!) associated with using FSO link.