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FSO Signal Tunneling

FSO light beam is so focus and narrow that the "fan-out" diameter of the beam is limited to only 2 milli-radian angle. This means that the diameter of the received beam will spread out (fan-out) ONLY by 2m diameter ring over a distance of 10km. Just imagine that!
In other words, the beam is practically "encapsulated" by an invisible "tunnel" during the transmission process. This is very similar to VPN tunneling approach used for secured data transmission in networking methodology.
Therefore, FSO signal CANNOT be deflected, intercepted or manipulated in any form. This will ensure that signal transmitted using FSO is highly secured and cannot be tampered with at all.
This is also one of the key inherent characteristic of FSO signal transmission that the defense industry worldwide is exploiting to ensure that their signal transmission (data/voice/images) will not be compromise in anyway during highly secured military operations.