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Free Of Licensing

With FSO system, there is NO need to apply for any license to operate the device. This is because FSO system uses light beam to transmit and receive light pulses at Tera-Hz frequencies.
FSO DOES NOT generate any interference nor it is influenced by nearby transmitted radio signals/waves operating at similar frequency band at high intensity strength. Therefore, NO allocation of spectrum is needed in this case 
As long as the light beam path of FSO is not blocked, it should be able to transmit and receive the signals and functions as per intended.
With FSO, you only pay for WHAT you need and buy and NOT just some permission given by authority to you so that you can operate your telecommunication equipments without the worries that your transmitted/received signals would maintain their integrity.
Best of ALL, you pay only for FSO installation. Compared to other RF based solutions, you have to make yearly contributions to the authority to ensure your rights to operate your equipments are not revoked !