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The WireLESS Fiber

Free Space Optics (FSO) technology transformed the entire network connectivity landscape by changing the basic rules on how a signal can be transmitted.
Though FSO technology has been around a long time ago (since Graham Bell's time!) but the actual adoption of FSO as a viable network connectivity enabler only takes off after the internet and broadband era becomes a reality.
Today, users are demanding anywhere, anytime and anyplace types of connectivity at their convenience.
We envisage "On-demand Broadband" will become the preferred choice for consumers. Demand for bandwidth will increase across the board, from smart phone to iphone, from PC to notebook, from iPAD to tablet PCs and more.
Consumers are demanding faster speed, at lower cost with consistent access and "as when demand" basis. The volume and demand has not only increase but these demands are also highly unpredictable and undergoes rapid changes as time passed.
Given such scenarios, there is NO way the ISPs could accurately predict or cope with such changes with traditional/legacy systems. A new approach and novel solution is necessary.
FSO technology offers an alternative to customer to have high speed, high bandwith and flexible connectivity. Best of all, FSO can be installed within a very short span of time (within days) and can also be re-deploy quickly to cope with fast pace of change when the demands begin to shift. 
Where others only ponder and dream of going, FSO technology is already HERE to enable and provide the perfect solution for such a challenge!